Hipstera Non Grata

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Today as I rode the train into the Loop, I noticed several riders reading the Red Eye. A common occurrence as it is the freebee paper available at every station. But today in particular, the rather peculiar cover jumped out at me.

Hipster Safari? Whatever? Far be it from me to defend a rather indefensible subset, but this was a bit much. Inside resided charts and blips on tired fauxhemian stereotypes.

My initial thought was perhaps I’m being too hard on the Red Eye, it’s a daily alt-paper. But let’s go inside.

Celebrity Hipsters according to Red Eye:
James Franco:
While we can all agree he’s so good, I’m just a bit uncomfortable labeling someone who’s talented and lives with a bit of humor such a shallow term.

Robert Pattinson:
Really? I somehow doubt anyone is taking their vintage cues from R. Patz. I also doubt he’s swilling down Old Style or Lone Star.

Joaquin Phoenix:
I think they are confusing the homeless beard with being a hipster. Here is their explaination:

He’s had a beard and a fake documentary, and quitting your job to be a rapper is pretty hipster, indeed.

Fair enough, Red Eye. But there aren’t many Asher Roth’s out there.

As I completed the article (over someone’s shoulder obviously) I was more confused by the intent than the oddball cover with conflicting fashion philosophies. Hipster isn’t exactly a term of endearment among the population, but it is still used at proliferated through jokes and wrongly attributed irony.

Maybe we should all just understand each other a little more and not judge by the gears on our fixie bikes, but the content of our character.

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