Our End

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The internet is dead, Obviously. It is a bloated, mean, and ugly place, virtually buckling its last belt hoop, not wanting to make the trip to the local Macy’s Husky department to face its pudgy face in the fitting room. And that’s fine. 90% of people are aware of that. The other 10% are trying to call people on their Jitterbugs.

As a scribe by trade, I figured I could hide from this no longer. I’m asking the internet to suck in its stomach and add one more inch to find weird PSA’s from the 1980s, music from mixtapes I gave to girls in my youth, sports teams I hate, unhealthy food I like and other general erotica. Probably not the last one, but let’s not count anything out.

In any event, if you do find this amusing, I thank you for your patronage and I hope you won’t find it to be a complete waste of your time.

I’m sure you’re all lovely and fit.
-Michael Depland